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  • What is the first step?

    If you and your partner are traveling from another country, be sure to confirm your travel arrangements.
    If you are already in Japan, start by choosing a plan here.

  • How much should we budget for?

    Our luxurious plans cover the venue, your kimono, special undergarments and accessories for the kimono, a professional kimono dresser (putting on a formal kimono by yourself is extremely difficult), the officiant, photos, music, and an English-speaking attendant. The costs range from $3,500 to $9,000 USD.

  • What area should we choose?

    Take into account not only the ceremony, but also things like your honeymoon, sightseeing, and regional cuisine. Consider what appeals to both of you and choose accordingly.

  • Can we have the ceremony with guests?

    All plans are for only two people. If you wish to include family and friends, then the cost of meals will be calculated separately. You may choose to forgo meals; in that case, we welcome as many guests as the space will allow.

  • How long before the wedding should we contact you?

    The sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting your first choice of scheduling. Your wedding is no small matter, so it's best to inquire at least a month in advance.

  • I want to arrange the ceremony as a surprise gift. How do I do that?

    When signing up, write “(present)” after your name. We'll discuss further arrangements with you in follow-up emails.

  • Is there a plan for photos only?

    There is no separate price plan available for photo shoots only. Equal Weddings are conducted as ceremonies.

  • Is the ceremony only for weddings?

    We welcome any kind of ceremony between two people who love each other, including proposal ceremonies, anniversaries, and renewing of vows.

  • Are flights and lodging included?

    These are not included in our plans, so we ask that you please arrange them on your own or using a travel service. If you wish to stay in the hotel where your ceremony will be held, we provide the URL of the hotel on our site. Additionally, for other types of plans, we would be happy to direct you to hotels close to the venue via email.

  • Is it possible to try on kimono in advance?

    Unfortunately, no. Our professional dresser will ensure you look great on the day of your wedding. For this reason, please be sure to provide both of your exact measurements at the time of application. If sizes are not provided, or given incorrectly, we may not be able to prepare your outfits.

  • Isn't dressing in a formal kimono difficult?

    The procedure and rules for dressing in a formal kimono properly are highly complex, and even quite difficult for Japanese people themselves to follow alone. There are classes of study in the art. For this reason, Equal Weddings includes a professional kitsukeshi, or kimono dresser, so please rest easy.

  • We want to include a post-ceremony meal. How do we plan for that?

    Several plans include a post-ceremony meal (for two) as part of the package. However, if a meal is not included in your plan, we are happy to recommend nearby restaurants wherever possible.

  • How do we proceed after arriving?

    After you apply, we will provide a more detailed explanation. There will be a designated location where you will meet your attendant. After meeting up with your attendant, he or she will escort you through every step of the process.

  • How much time should we plan for our package?

    Schedule a full day—we plan to make the whole day surrounding the ceremony a collection of memorable experiences. The ceremony itself, which usually takes about 25 minutes, will be the highlight of a very special day filled with activities.

  • What is the program for the ceremony?

    Our ceremony incorporates stirring, time-honored Japanese rituals. Trust us to make your ceremony beautiful and memorable.

  • Is photography allowed during the ceremony?

    If you have guests in attendance, they are welcome to take pictures. For most plans, you can choose to hire a professional photographer as well.

  • After registering, is it possible to cancel if our plans change?

    Cancellation is possible, but cancellation fees apply depending on the number of days in advance that notification is received.

    30 days - 15 days 20% fee charged
    14 days - 8 days 50% fee charged
    7 days or less 100% fee charged
  • Is the Equal Wedding site for same sex marriages only?

    We embrace all types of love, straight couples are welcome too. Please get in touch for further consultation.

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